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Welcome to Jai Shree Rasayan !
Established in 1993, Jai Shree Rasayan Udyog Ltd. an ISO 9001:2008certified company, has become one of the renowned names in the field of speciality in agro chemicals and fertilizers. The brainchild behind the company is Shri. Om Prakash Aggarwal, the Chairman cum Managing Director of the company. Initially, the company started manufacturing only one product in its kitty- Zinc Sulphate 21% under the brand name of Sona Shree. Later, the company leverged its manufacturing competencies & branched into other agro chemicals like Pesticides, Micro nutrients & Bio-Products. Today company is dealing into more than 150 products.


In the symbol, Two Modern person Hands are holding a Budding Plant four leaves.
Here, -Two hands indicate the Double Protection.

One-“Protection through Better quality-which enhance the crop yield, protects the crop, strengthens the crop capabilities, provide required nutrients, the way any human being requires necessary health protectants & health improvement nutrients in the shape of medicines and tonics” and.

Second-“Through Environment Protection-which provide us an endeavor of working under common goals of empowering the resource to needy farming community and improving human lives through safe environment.”

Four Leaves symbolise the concepts of :

1- Co-operation,

2- Commitment,

3- Caring

4- Customer Satisfaction

The Collective awareness provides the Environment to :

                                   “Grow More in safe Hands of Protection.”

The "SHREE" stands for Wealth and Money, whereas "RASAYAN" stand for chemistry. Orange -Red coloured "Shree Rasayan " indicated the Moto of the company that we induce the "Wealth in the life of our associates". The Green leaves and Hexagonal structure indicates our vision of modern Agrochemical developments. Collectively -"We, through the modern agrochemical developments, induce the wealth and money in the life of our associates"
Our Infrastructure
We have 21 fully computerized branch offices across the country. Our laboratory is well equipped with a team of highly expert & qualified chemists. We have with us a complete multipurpose in house plant with modern equipments for liquid, granules, dusting & wetable formulations and fertilizers. We are backed with a team of more than 100 motivated & dedicated sales personnel. Our production capacity is flexible according to the arising demand.
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Our Products
A Pesticide is a substance or mixture of substances used to kill a pest.A pesticide may be a chemical substance, biologi....

Fertilizers (also spelt fertiliser) are chemical compounds given to plants to promote growth; they are usually applied e....
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