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Description : This is a blend of some organic material for plant tissues to provide them strength. This is a Anti-Virus, Anti-Bacterial product, which also ensures the maximum growth in all the parts of the plant. This is a Preventive product, instead of a Curative product for most of the Virus diseases. This product is made with the concept that Healthy plant with proper immune system can survive and give the maximum yield of best quality.

Chemical Name: Oogst Bescherming

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Recommended Doses :

This is available in Unit packing of 900 ml to be used for 1 acre of crop.  

Targeted Pests :As preventive measure for Virus, Fungus and Bactarial diseases in crops

Targeted Crops :Usefull for All crops

Application :As falier spray for preventive measure against diseases and with seed treatment for health

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Packing is for One acre crop.

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